Wrap Season

All of this warm weather is inspiring me to get back in the kitchen and to get creative. I love all of the fresh fruits, veggies and herbs that are in season! Today’s meal inspiration comes from the 21 day fix extreme. I am starting the 21DFX today, meal plan and all and am nervous and excited at the same time. I like wraps because I can get a variety of food groups in one hearty wrap!

My wrap is:

1 whole wheat tortilla (1 yellow)

Grilled chicken (1 red)

spinach, yellow bell pepper, green onion (1.5 green)

super spicy hummus (1/2-1 blue)

(strawberries are one purple)


You can make a wrap very different with similar ingredients as well! Other ingredients I love are:

quiona, avocado, steak, fish, cucumber, celery, salsa, kale, buffalo sauce, Greek yogurt, fresh herbs. The sky is the limit 🙂 if you have a favorite wrap I would love for you to share your recipe with me!


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