Chicken spinach and mushroom pasta

Now that it is starting to get cooler out I have been wanting to cook things a little more dense than the recent food on the grill, salads, summer veggies etc and creating a pasta came to mind! Although I do not eat pasta often, it turned out delicious and each serving only contains about 1/2 serving of pasta. As I was grocery shopping, I gathered a few things I thought may go well together including red onion, spinach, mushrooms, chicken and angel hair pasta. I may or may not have added too much red pepper flake but other than that it turned out delicious!image1

Cook 2-3 chicken breasts seasoned with garlic peppercorn seasoning. I used my george foreman, you can cook any way you like. Cut up into bite size chunks and set aside

In a large pan heat olive oil and saute 1/2 diced red onion until beginning to be transparent. Add 4-5 cloves roughly chopped garlic and red pepper flakes to your taste (a little goes a long way :)). While that is cooking, in separate pan boil water and cook 2 servings pasta following directions on the box.

Once garlic, olive oil, onion and pepper flakes have cooked a few minutes add one cup chopped mushrooms and approx 1 bag (5oz) chopped spinach and the juice of one lemon cook on low heat until spinach is wilted.

Drain pasta saving a little water to add to saute pan, add pasta water, pasta and chicken to saute pan with all other ingredients. Stir and cook on low a few minutes. Dish into bowls and sprinkle with parmesan cheese and salt/pepper to taste!

If you aren’t looking for pasta you can always substitute spaghetti squash, zuchinni noodles or cook dish without noodles and serve over quinoa or rice.

I hope you enjoy!


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